Work Experience

Work Experience

Stanford Network Analysis Project
Deep Learning Researcher, Jun 2021 – Jun 2022
Advisor: Professor Jure Leskovec

Designing neurosymbolic methods for performing human-like concept recognition and reasoning in visual domains.

Caltech Machine Learning Group
Machine Learning Researcher, Sep 2020 – Jun 2022
Advisor: Professor Yisong Yue

Synthesizing human-interpretable programs for behavioral neuroscience.

Caltech Experimental Economics and Political Science Lab
Research Intern, Oct 2019 – Mar 2021
Advisor: Professor John Ledyard

Developed intelligent trading agents that simulate human behavior using the Individual Evolutionary Learning (IEL) model.

Oracle – Corporate Architecture
Software Engineer Intern, Jun 2020 – Sep 2020
Applied machine learning algorithms to develop a recommendation system that processes purchase requests from Oracle’s employees.

Caltech Infrared Processing and Analysis Center
Machine Learning Researcher, Jun 2019 – Aug 2019
Advisor: Dr. Peter Capak

Applied machine learning algorithms to deconvolve noise from cosmology datasets.